Are there any Sex Lubes for highly sensitive skin?

Yes we have two Sexual Lubricants within our Med range from Pjur that are perfect for sensitive skin. We recommend using our pjur Sensitive Glide or PREMIUM glide if you have sensitive or highly sensitive skin. It is extremely gentle to skin thanks to the purity of its ingredients. Once applied, it creates a protective film that does not clog pores but leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, while providing extra long-lasting lubrication. Our pjur med PREMIUM glide is also the perfect product if you suffer from allergies or neurodermatitis. It has been confirmed as allergy friendly in multiple tests. Furthermore, a dermatological test conducted under clinical conditions on people suffering from neurodermatitis (eczema free) showed "very good" tolerance levels. Our five-star seal from dermatest further underscores this result.

Premium Pjur Lube

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