Essential Sex Toy Do's and Don'ts

When we talk about playtime, we mean exactly that: sex toys are supposed to be about having a good time, so if you’re going to enjoy yourself it’s definitely worth getting to grips with some basic rules so that getting frisky always means fun.


♥  Introduce sex toys into your life slowly by trying the smallest size first.

♥  Read reviews and blogs to make sure you’re getting a toy that will suit you.

♥  Look after your sex toys. Keep them somewhere warm and dry and always clean them using soap and water or cleaning products that are designed for sex toys.

♥  Use lube for penetration. It’s always better with Lube.

♥  Check that you have the right lube for the toy. Water based Lubes for Silicone Toys.

♥  Experiment… there’s a whole world of possibility out there!


×  Feel rushed or pressured into using toys.

× Share your toys without cleaning them first or using a condom.

× Use a sex toy for anal play then in your vagina. Bum bacteria should stay where it belongs.

× Put anything in your bum that’s not designed to go up there!

× Buy a toy that’s made out of non-porous materials.

× Give up too quickly. Sometimes you have to get used to a new toy.

….Don’t stop being curious!

If you’d like to know a bit more about the different types of sex toys you can buy, check out our Beginner’s Guide To Sex Toys Blog Post.

Guide to Sex Toys

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