What is the difference between water-based and silicone-based Sex Lubricants?

Pjur water-based personal lubricants ensure your intimate area is well lubricated and also care for your skin. They are our classic personal lubricant formulas. They are absorbed into the top layers of skin and leave the skin feeling great while at the same time delivering outstanding lubrication without any stickiness. Water-based personal lubricants can also be used with all toys. pjur silicone-based personal lubricants contain the highest-grade silicones that provide extra long-lasting lubrication and a host of other benefits. Silicone molecules are larger than the pores in human skin. As such, they form a breathable protective film that makes the skin soft and smooth. What's more, our silicone-based personal lubricants do not contain preservatives, are highly skin compatible, allergy friendly and dermatologically tested.

Water based vs Silicone based Lubes

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