Outside of abstinence, condoms are the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. We strongly encourage that they be worn during all sexual activity, including oral and anal sex. We carry many different varieties and styles for your sexual pleasure.

Should I use a condom?

Yes indeed! Enjoy Safe Sex with Condoms for Him and Her

Condoms, rubbers, Johnnys, raincoats… Regardless of what you call them, if you want to protect against unwanted pregnancy and STIs, always use a condom. We stock top brands like Durex, Skins, Manix, Skyn, Glyde, Secura and Anos to ensure you can shop in confidence.

Men come in all shapes and sizes and we’ve got the condoms to match.

Condoms are essential for safe sex and use with your sex toys, and they are even great for masturbation! At Lovebug, we carry a large selection for you to choose from, including flavored options, sampler packs, and sizes to fit all.

Is Sex less fun with a Condom?

Of course not. If you are concerned about a loss of sensitivity, our ultra-thin varieties will make it feel as though you are wearing nothing at all. For a sexy twist, try a textured condom, such as Skins Ribbed condoms. These are sure to satisfy you both. Ribbed for her pleasure and whisper-thin so you don't lose any sensation.

Are Condoms just for sex?

No, condoms aren't just for safe sex. They can be used with men's and women's sex toys, too, which makes clean-up easy.

Ultra Thin Condoms

Experience a closer feeling without compromising on safety with extra thin condoms. Designed to enhance your pleasure with a skin-on-skin feeling, the minimal thickness allows for greater intimacy between both partners during sex.

Ribbed & Pleasure Condoms

Offering different textures to stimulate both partners during sex, textured condoms feature sensual dots, ribs and beads to bring an extra exciting dimension to your pleasure.

Non-Latex Condoms

Non-latex condoms are a fantastic option for those with latex allergies. Made to the same high-quality standard as regular condoms, these clever creations use innovative materials including polyisoprene, polyurethane and natural membrane to provide a more natural feeling.

Are Condoms Vegan?

Yes, some of our Condoms are vegan. They are specifically called Vegan in the subject title. Just browse our range and you'll see them.