Wetter is definitely better. We believe everyone should try lube at least once, and once you try it you won't want to go back. Whether it's lubricant for regular sex, anal lube, female-friendly formulas or orgasm stimulation gels we have it all.

Why do I need Lube?

Intensify your pleasure with one of our sex lubes. It's a great way to make your experience even better, whether you're looking for something to add to a solo session or wanting to amplify your time with a partner.

Lubricant is ideal for any kind of sex, particularly anal where there is no natural internal lubricant. Don't forget about your favorite sex toys. Masturbators, dildos, vibrators whatever it is lube will make it much more fun. Be sure to choose the right kind of lube for the material of your toy for the best experience. LoveBug also offers the best in brand selection including Pjur, Loving Joy and more.

For even yummier oral sex, try one of our flavored lubes. Fruity flavors like Mango, cherry, and strawberry will make your partner taste that much more delicious.

No matter where you end up we have you covered with our ultimate collection of sex lubes.