Fun Bath Bomb

Obsessive Bath Bomb with Pheromones Fun

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Are you getting ready for tonight? Aww, yes. You’ve prepared a super special lingerie and planned an amazing make-up. Stop! Did you know that real fun can begin a little bit earlier? Before he comes back home get relaxed and let pheromones take over the control. This bath bomb knows what to do. So?

Check all details:

- sensual bath bomb with pheromones

- made in Poland

- scent version – Fun – amazing, floral-fruity-gourmand fragrance

- bath bomb contains natural, skin-conditioning oils – they give a feeling of nourishment and leave a protective film on the body

- how to use: unwrap the bath bomb and put it in the bathtub filled with warm water – voilà, that’s how you can prepare a very aromatic bath!

- size/weight: 100 g

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