Pjur back door anal serum

Pjur Back Door Anal Comfort Serum - 20ml Pump Bottle

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Serum for intensive anal sex. The serum forms a protective film on the skin. The higher concentration reduces sensitivity even more – without using lidocaine or benzocaine.

- Reduces sensitivity, not sensation – without numbing!
- New protective, invisible film
- Highly concentrated gel for impulsive anal sex

BACK DOOR Anal Comfort serum was specially developed for intensive anal sex and is therefore dosed in a high concentration. Because it does not contain lidocaine or benzocaine, this serum does not have a numbing effect. Instead it forms an invisible protective film on the mucous membrane that reduces sensitivity during sex but not sensations you experience. This product is compatible with latex condoms. It is not a contraceptive. Perfect in combination with pjur BACK DOOR Anal Glides. 

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