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Pjur SPA ScenTouch Strawberry Summer - 200ml Bottle

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Experience the subtle scent of sweet strawberries on a hot summer's night: Passionate, desirable, irresistible. Red like love and sweet like sin.

- Massage lotion with the delicate scent of sweet strawberries!
- No oil, no marks and wipes off without leaving any residue
- A vegan product that leaves skin feeling fabulous

Enjoy the scent of sweet strawberries whenever you want with our pjur SPA ScenTouch Strawberry Summer Lotion. This massage lotion does not contain oil, fat, silicone or water. It does not leave behind any marks and can be wiped off without leaving any residue. Unlike competitor products, it does not form a greasy film - it just leaves your skin feeling great. ScenTouch products are not tested on animals. They are vegan and enriched with natural vitamin E and jojoba. They are easy to apply and do not contain parabens or hormones.

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