Pjur sex toy lube

Pjur Toy Lube - 100ml Pump Bottle

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The combination of water and silicone results in a creamy lubricant that can be accurately
applied to toys.

- Non-drip, high precision dosage
- For all sex toys
- Creamy consistency with extra long-lasting glideability

Today, sex toys are seen as elegant, attractive accessories and many women and men have a small selection at home. Most people will also have experienced problems with conventional personal lubricants that drip and do not land where you want them to. Now, at last, help is at hand! Our pjur Toy Lube has a creamy consistency that makes it easy to dose and accurately apply to sex toys. It stays where you put it, allowing you to easily handle toys. And you don't need to worry about materials such as latex, rubber, glass and high-grade silicone. Our pjur Toy Lube doesn't damage these in any way. 

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