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Tenga Air-Tech Squeeze Strong

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The fluffy air cushion chambers and Air-Flow structure of the AIR-TECH series now feature a new flexible wrap, allowing us to offer you reusable pleasure where you are in control.

The innovative shape of its wrap makes it easy to grip and allows you to enjoy new nuances of stimulation.
By plugging the air hole, you'll still get the same powerful suction feeling. Thanks to its thicker insertion point, you will feel the sensations at all times until the total insertion.
Enjoy the flexible pressure sensations that the AIR-TECH Squeeze puts at your fingertips!

Its hard elastomer and its pronounced shapes produce intense and original sensations!

  • Product size 80 × 80 × 170 mm / (W) × (L.) × (H)
  • Packed size 80 × 80 × 170 mm / (W) × (L.) × (H)
  • Product Weight Approx. 250 g
  • Other data Reusable
  • Lubricant included

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